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Transform with Evolve U Fitness & Wellness

Evolve U Fitness & Wellness is a functional training gym that offers group fitness classes, athlete training, senior fitness, and sports-specific training programs. Our experienced and certified trainers will help U achieve your fitness goals and take your wellness to the next level.

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Life is not simply to exist; but to forge ahead, to conquer, to Evolve.

Welcome to Evolve U Fitness! We believe that a healthy lifestyle is not just about working out, but also about eating well and having a positive mindset. Our holistic approach encourages you to find ways to incorporate movement into your daily routine and make healthy choices a part of your lifestyle. Let's work together to achieve your fitness goals and create a happier, healthier you!


Hockey Stick and Puck
Our Methods

Our Training Methods

Group Fitness Classes

 Our classes run for 12-week cycles to help you stay accountable and on track. Our programs includes a mix of cardio and strength training, with weigh-ins and measurements at the beginning and end of each cycle. In addition we also offer Cardio Kickboxing on some Saturday mornings, 12:15pm classes throughout the week, senior fitness and Tuesday & Thursday 5:30pm classes. 

Small Group Training

We understand the importance of having a supportive community to help you achieve your fitness goals. That's why we offer small group sessions of 2-4 people, so you can train with people who have similar fitness levels and goals. Work with your trainer to determine workout times. 

Athletic Camps

Erin has been running a successful hockey camp during the summer since 2019. Initially a girls-only camp, it has since expanded to include boys and girls of all ages. Keep an eye out for updates on the growth of Hustle & Heart in 2024.


Evolve U Fitness offers a state-of-the-art facility with a functional training area, treadmills, rowers, bumper plates, sleds & turf to help you take your fitness to the next level. All of our equipment is well-maintained and our facility is kept clean and safe at all times. 

Need workout ideas? Checkout the whiteboard workouts written by Erin & Ashley. 

Gym is open 5am-11pm daily.


Class Schedule

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Evolve U Fitness


1414 Highway 71
International Falls, MN 56649

Lower Level Of Border Bank


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404-435-4794 Ashley

218-340-7128 Erin

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